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You may have seen the great Mr. Rackham's art on other Tarot and Oracle decks, but our Rackham Oracle aims to be the definitive one.
  • Created from high-resolution scans of original, early-20th Century source materials -- not from inferior modern reprints. These images are from books in my own collection, circa 1910 and earlier.
  • 75 oracle cards, plus 2 significator cards, 1 bio card, 1 instruction card, 1 promo card, 80 total.
  • Images from Grimm's Fairy Tales, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Ibsen's Peer Gynt and more.
  • Thoughtfully assembled into a working oracle. Tarot-sized cards.
  • Choose from 7 alternate card backs @ no extra charge (see bottom of page)
The Arthur Rackham Oracle
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 Choose Your Card Back!
Alternate card backs available at no extra charge. Choose from the card backs below. If you do not choose, you will receive the standard card back -- which is card back A below.

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