Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Fall seems like the perfect time of year to be working on a Rackham Oracle.

Sometimes, as with the final image in this update, I'll open up an illustration and have no idea what to do with it in terms of creating an oracle card.  Most often, the thing to do is simply *bleep* over it and come back to it another day -- I can open the same image a week or so later and Know Immediately how it wants to be used. Sometimes, it's a little tougher than that. I wondered for weeks what to do with this illustration, then I want back to the book and read the text that it was meant to illustrate. That will usually do the trick if I am really stumped. In this case, for the card Subtitle I settled on quoting Shakespeare direct. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the update. Still quite a few cards left to go!

-- Frede.