Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cognate Cards

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Just as there are "cognate words" -- words that sound the same and mean the same things across two or more different languages -- so there are going to inevitably be "cognate cards" between the Oracle and a standard Tarot deck. Two are featured in this update. (The fourth card is a Seven of Wands if I ever saw one!)

You might ask, "why not just make an Arthur Rackham Tarot?" -- Perhaps if my resources of original Rackham books went deeper, I might be able to. As it stands, there aren't enough cards that correspond to those in a tarot deck, and to "force" the correspondences would do both do violence to the art, and make for an ineffective deck. 

Better to have a working Oracle with its own internal logic, than to have a warped and forced tarot deck that no one can connect with.

Hope you like, These illustrations are all from Rackham's Midsummer Night's Dream.

-- Freder.