Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Finding the Meaning

Five new Rackham cards to post today:

Click on the images to enlarge.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide on the titles-slash-keywords-slash-meanings for the cards. The second and third cards above would be good examples of that. I try to look at what's happening in each image and to NOT go with the most obvious thing. The second card is Rackham's color illustration for "Snow White" -- it shows a clearly overcome Snow White just after she has been discovered by the dwarves, just as they have made the decision to care for her -- but as you can see from the dwarf on the right, a little curiosity still remains. Even when the meaning is close to obvious, sometimes finding the right word or variation on a word can be difficult, forcing me to spend quite a lot of time with the Thesaurus! It's a bit like writing a very, VERY short story. I've written both novels and short stories: novels are far more forgiving to a sloppy style, because the success of the novel does not hang on a single sentence. Short stories and children's books are different. The success or failure of a short story or children's book can hang on a single word. One wrong word and it's all over. The same is very much true with an Oracle deck.

Which is why the titles on these cards are not yet set in stone. They can and probably will change right up to the moment that the deck goes to the printer. What you see here is just the nest that I can do in the moment. Fortunately, I have many and many more moments ahead of me before this project is ready to have "The End" typed onto it.

-- Frede.